Best Postpartum Jeans 2021 — Get the Best Pairs for a Flattering Fit

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Finding the best postpartum jeans can be challenging. And if you’re like me and need to participate in newborn baby photos, you’re going to want to look nice and feel confident. So getting the perfect pair of postpartum jeans is an important task.

It’s not just about appearances, either. Jeans are a classic staple of any woman’s wardrobe, and being able to fit in a comfy pair of jeans after childbirth makes you feel good about yourself. You may not totally have your pre-baby body back, but you can still rock a great pair of jeans, and that’s an excellent feeling!

There are several options for the most flattering postpartum jeans, and none of these involve you continuing to wear your maternity jeans. Even though you feel like you still look pregnant, there’s a perfect chance that, postpartum, maternity jeans are going to fall short of making you feel comfortable in your new body.

Compression leggings and high-rise postpartum jeans are going to be your new friend, and thank goodness that high-waisted options are stylish again! No low-rise jeans are ever kind to a postpartum belly. So you’ll find my favorite jeans below (I listed my absolute favorite pair first). Check them out and let me know which ones you like best.

Postpartum Jeans Option 1: American Eagle Ne(x)t Level Curvy Super High Waisted Jeggings


american eagle postpartum jeans

I love these American Eagle jeans because they keep my stomach hidden, and they give my legs some shape, too. They are also ultra-stretchy, so you don’t feel like you need to take them off the minute you get home from being out and about. Also, unlike some high-rise Gap jeans that I have, these do not lose shape. This is good because come mid-day, the Gap high-rise jeans that I had were super slouchy and made me feel awful about my body. I also have another pair of these that I got in the long length to cuff them.

Honestly, I was a little intimidated by the idea of buttons and zippers after a baby, but these over-delivered. It’s also important to note that they hold the shape in the front AND the back. Moreover, they don’t ride down, so you don’t have to yank them back up all day long (how annoying is that?). All in all, I think these are a major win.

Now for my second choice, which is very similar.

Postpartum Jeans Option 2: Express High Waisted 4-Way Hyper Stretch Skinny Jeans

express postpartum jeans

These Express jeans are structured, look slimming (particularly in the darker colors), and easily dress up or down. Again, they feature a high waist, which is good for aesthetics and practical reasons. Plus, I love most jeans that have stretch. And because these jeans are more structured, they won’t lose their fit as the day goes on. These are a bit thicker than other jeans, which is what, in part, allows them to be more structured. They don’t slip down, so you won’t have to yank them back up throughout the day. They stay where they are supposed to, thankfully, and they are comfortable enough for all-day wear.

Depending on how much of your postpartum stomach you are trying to hide, you could also try mid-rise options, but the ones above are the tried-and-true pairs that I wear to this very day.

Now, let’s look at some other best jeans for postpartum bodies.

Postpartum Jeans Option #3: Bounceback V-Pocket Jeans

Bounceback V-pocket postpartum jean

If you’re not quite comfortable wearing regular jeans but your maternity jeans are falling off, Bounceback jeans are a good in-between option. (These jeans and pants are often referred to as Mama Prima.) They have a lot of different styles, and they are very affordable, too. These jeans have a compression waistband that holds you in. Also, they are high-waisted, which is more flattering. I wore these jeans almost exclusively when I returned to work. They are super comfortable and give you support where you need it and flexibility where you need it, too. They also come in super cute styles, so you can still look fun and fresh in your favorite jeans.

These are honestly some of my favorites because they are so comfortable, the fit is great, and they are stretchy where they need to be while still holding things in where you want them to. It’s easy to see why these are a new mom’s favorite!

Motherhood Mama Prima (or Bounceback) jeans are also similar in style to the Express jeans, but I find these give more support because they have a high belly band. It can really help you hold everything in place, so you look good and feel better, too. These jeans give you a classic style and can be paired with anything from ordinary t-shirts to fancier shirts or sweaters. The name comes from the V-shaped design on the back pockets. They are supportive, comfortable, and have the patented “power mesh belly” that all Bounceback pants come with.

Now, let’s take a look at the other staple of a new mom’s wardrobe: compression leggings!

Compression Leggings

Compression leggings are comfortable, easy to get on and off, and when you get the right pair, you can hide your post-baby belly. What’s more, compression postpartum leggings are often very affordable — even more affordable than some of the other jean and jegging options I mentioned earlier.

Postpartum Leggings Option #1: Old Navy High-Waisted Elevate Compression Leggings

High-rise compression leggings are a close friend of mine, and my favorite ones are from Old Navy. Compression leggings are nice because they allow you to hide your stomach area in a flattering way. These post-maternity leggings are also incredibly stretchy, which is perfect for a changing body.

I prefer my compression leggings to come in black as I’m usually in a rush to leave the house. Black is an easy color to match any top with, and it’s also slimming. I have several in the same style and color because they go with everything and are so comfortable to wear.

bounceback jean postpartum jean motherhood

Postpartum Leggings Option 2: Bounceback Post-Pregnancy Leggings

A great pair of leggings goes a long way, and the perfect little black leggings are like a new mama version of the Little Black Dress. It’s a staple in your postpartum wardrobe. I really love these from Bounceback/Motherhood’s Mama Prima Post Pregnancy collection.

bounceback leggings postpartum leggings motherhood

Similar to Bounceback jeans, these leggings have a compression mesh waist that holds in your postpartum belly. These leggings are very soft, and I found these especially handy when I was returning to work. Trying to squeeze into anything with a real waistband was awful, so I’m glad the Bounceback line was available to me.

Postpartum Leggings Option 3: A Pea in the Pod Post-Pregnancy Leggings

post pregnancy leggings

Another brand that I absolutely love is A Pea in the Pod. They have these fabulous post-pregnancy leggings that I found very comfortable as well. They are a classic, basic fit that works for all body types, are super comfortable (even immediately after delivery). Better yet, these pants go with any outfit. You’ll find you want to wear them all the time.

They are high-waisted, so they hold in your belly and give you the support you want. They are durable, so they don’t fall apart after a couple of washes. And did I mention they have pockets? It’s a win-win all the way around!

Postpartum Leggings Option 4: A Pea in the Pod Faux Leather Post Pregnancy Leggings

postpartum leggings

When you need to dress it up a notch or feel sexy post-baby, these faux leather leggings from A Pea in the Pod are the perfect fit! You can wear them with a regular tee or a dressier top. You can wear them with heels or flats, and you can dress them up or down. They work for a night on the town, a post-baby date night, or anywhere else you want to look and feel great.

I know how hard it is to find nice pants to wear post-baby. You may feel insecure that you don’t have your old body back, and these are a great, affordable, comfortable choice that blends all of the things you need and want. They’re also machine-washable.

So, there are my top picks for post-maternity pants. What are your picks for best postpartum jeans and postpartum legging options? Are there some you’ve tried that you want to wear all the time? Any you’ve tried that you would NOT recommend to other mamas? Let us know in the comments. I’d love to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do demi panel maternity jeans work postpartum?

Honestly, whatever works for you, works for you. And if you have demi-panel maternity jeans that you love, you might as well give them a try after you’ve given birth. These jeans usually have wide elastic waistbands that are shorter than those on full panel jeans. However, it’s also worth noting that these demi-panel jeans won’t give your belly much support, so if that’s something you need, you might consider other options.

How long till I fit back in jeans postpartum?

If you’re talking about the same jeans that you wore before pregnancy, it will take you weeks or even months. It usually takes the uterus about 4-6 weeks to shrink down to pre-baby size. Beyond that, it’s hard to give an average for this amount of time because each person is different. A lot will depend on your activity level and the amount of weight you gained during pregnancy.

Unfortunately, many new moms feel a lot of pressure to “get back in shape” after giving birth, but don’t feel compelled to lose weight on anyone else’s schedule. You’re better off getting a few pairs of elastic waistband jeans for postpartum moms to help remove the pressure of fitting into your old clothes while still looking and feeling good. With these jeans, you probably won’t have to wait more than a week or two before putting jeans back on. If you’re asking when to buy new jeans postpartum, the answer is as soon as you fee comfortable.

How long till I fit into skinny jeans postpartum?

Some of the best jeans to hide a postpartum belly are available in skinny-leg styles. If that’s the silhouette you prefer, you can find a pair that are more fitted to your legs and forgiving on your midsection. However, if you’re talking about your pre-pregnancy skinny jeans, that’s going to be a few weeks or months.

Can I wear a belly band under regular jeans?

Again, this falls under the category of “whatever works for you, works for you.” Some new moms swear by belly bands: compression wraps that offer abdominal support. While there’s no proven medical or weight loss benefit to these bands, they can reportedly reduce postpartum back and abdomen pain. Some women find that these belly bands help them fit back into their pre-pregnancy jeans a little sooner. This is fine as long as it’s comfortable, and you pick a belly band that’s not too restrictive or corset-like. Also, don’t wear a belly band all day every day or you might end up relying on it and weakening your core muscles.

Do you have any other advice for buying and wearing postpartum pants?

Here are a few more trends that new moms are talking about when it comes to feeling comfortable while also looking good in those first few weeks and months.

  • Black pants, leggings, and jeans are your friend. They go with everything, and they hide all manner of leaks, stains, and accidents. If friends or family stopped by unexpectedly, you won’t have to worry about changing your pants.
  • Pair leggings with oversized tops or tunics. They’re comfortable and look great no matter what kind of waistband you’ve got on.
  • Whether your favorite jeans were straight-leg or bootcut in the pre-pregnancy days, don’t be afraid to try a new style. Pregnancy changes your body in more ways than you might expect. The best jeans for your postpartum belly might be a cut that you once dismissed.
  • If you find something – anything – that makes you feel good, wear it!

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