Are Tula’s Worth It? A Look Inside the Popular Tula Baby Carrier Trend

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My favorite Tula.

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Have you asked yourself, “Are Tulas worth it?” Are you thinking about getting a Tula for babywearing but you’re not sure about that steep price tag? Maybe you’ve already been using a carrier, but you want an upgrade, or perhaps you’re planning for a new baby and this has been on every “must-have” list you’ve seen so far. How can you know if it’s right for you?

First, let’s take a look at the benefits of babywearing.

The Tula Ergonomic Baby Carrier

An ergonomic baby carrier properly distributes your baby’s weight and Tula does not disappoint. The carriers made by Baby Tula are comfortable and easy to secure and wear. I used them successfully (and often!) with both of my boys. Even just shopping at Target or Publix, I would get many compliments on my Tula and how snug my little boys looked. They were always so peaceful in the carrier, and they were just as comfortable as I was with babywearing.

Carrying a baby around in your arms the old-fashioned way is rough on the body. Resting her on your hip shifts your weight, causing poor posture, which makes can make moms feel like their whole body is thrown out of whack. On top of that, it doesn’t take long before moms can feel the stiffness and soreness setting in their back, shoulders, and arms.

Sometimes, having to hold a baby makes it difficult to go out as a family and have a good time. It can also be inconvenient when moms want to hold their baby close, but also need their hands free to get something done, like chores around the home.

Then there’s that awful feeling I get in the pit of my stomach when my baby starts squirming around in my arms. All moms and dads know how difficult it is to hang onto a wiggly baby and it’s even harder when they reach toddler age. I do worry that she might wiggle too much and fall.

Carrying your baby in your arms also restricts your movement and limits what you can do. Have you ever tried to make a sandwich while holding a baby, for example? It does make it difficult to do things that you would normally do without even thinking.

In comes babywearing…

Traditional carriers that you place the baby in and carry by your side or in your arms are bulky and hard to handle. Plus, you have all that extra weight of the carrier to deal with, making it even heavier. They’re also awkward to use in crowded places. It seems like the carrier is in someone’s way no matter what you do sometimes. So, I started searching for a better way to carry my baby around with me. That’s when I ran across Tula.

What Is Baby Tula?

In case you haven’t heard, Baby Tula is the brand responsible for providing parents all across the globe with modern-day babywearing devices. They make carrying your baby or toddler around easier than ever. Tula carriers are ALL the rage in parenting and mommy groups and are regularly touted as the best that money can buy.

So, I decided to try a Tula. I wanted to see what all the hype was about. I also wanted to see if that hefty price tag was worth it. Plus, the Tula fabrics and designs are the cutest I’ve come across. My first baby carrier was nice, but it was basic black. I kept seeing moms across town and the web with these cute carriers and decided it was time to get one of my own.

The Tula carrier has become more than just a device to help parents; it is somewhat a culture of its own. Yes, I’m serious.

There is a whole community of moms out there who buy, sell and trade Tula carriers and wraps for prices much higher than retail. It seems crazy, but it’s true. Many of the mothers collect several different styles and designs so they have a lot of money invested in them. Like any other type of collector, the rarer the design or pattern, the more they may want to ask for it. If it’s hard to find and someone has one, it’s going to be priced at a premium.

A Little about Tula Baby Carriers and Wraps

Tula makes their baby carriers and wraps from beautiful European textiles and/or canvas. So, they’re both sturdy and fashionable, which is important. The carrier must be strong and durable enough to support the baby’s weight without worry. Safety is the biggest concern for any parent and Tula does produce quality products that help keep baby safe.

However, style is also important. If you’re anything like me, you want to look and feel good about yourself when you’re out with your little one, too. That’s easy to do when you’re carrying her around in a colorful, stylish wrap, sling, or carrier.

Tula carriers are designed with a wide seat, which makes them so much more comfortable for the kids. You have a choice between the standard size that holds approximately 15 to 45 pounds, and the toddler size which holds approximately 23 to 50 pounds. Babies should be at least four or five months old before putting them in the standard size carriers.

This is one of the best features of the Tula: it holds older/bigger babies and toddlers, too.

However, you can use a Tula with a newborn weighing at least seven pounds and up to 15 pounds provided you use the Infant Insert. Only use the insert with the standard size carriers and when carrying your baby in the front position. When using with a newborn, be mindful of their head position because the baby’s head and neck must be supported properly.

The versatility of a Tula makes it worth the cost for many parents since you can use the same one as your baby grows, rather than needing to purchase two or three different carriers.

So, where can you get a Tula?

You can shop for Tulas online at their e-commerce site or look for them in high-end baby boutiques. Additionally, you can also find them at Target or order online from Amazon. Finally, you may also want to check out some of the other items Tula has to offer such as slings, rings, blankets, and accessories.

The Physical Benefits Associated with Tula

When done properly, wearing your baby has many benefits. For starters, I love the way my baby is up high where she gets a better view of things around her and she loves it, too. She sees so much more as we go about our business during the day.

It makes it easier for her to see and interact with the people around her daily. This type of interaction will help her develop her social skills, too.

Here are a few more of the Tula babywearing benefits:

  • It’s easy to breastfeed your baby when you’re wearing her in a carrier around your body. Also, it’s convenient because you don’t need somewhere to sit down. The Tula design also provides some privacy for the feeding baby. Finally, Tula’s come with a little privacy cover that you can use if you want to keep yourself completely covered while feeding in the carrier.
  • Tulas are incredibly easy to put on. I tried putting a wrap and a ring sling on, and I couldn’t get the hang of it. Even with help, I felt like it was too much to try to tackle while dealing with a sometimes fussy infant. With Tula, I was able to put even my crying baby on with ease. And usually, he would immediately calm down and go right to sleep once he was securely in place.
  • Babywearing promotes skin-to-skin contact, which is highly recommended. Skin-to-skin contact supports breastfeeding and it can help regulate your child’s body temperature. Additionally, it can also help improve heart and lung functions.
  • It’s good for your baby’s emotional health. When you carry your baby in this manner, it releases a hormone called oxytocin. This particular hormone is known for strengthening the relationships and the bond between mother and child.
  • When the baby is positioned correctly, the carrier will support the neck and spine of the child. And, the child’s weight will be distributed evenly through the hips and legs while sitting in the carrier. This reduces the pressure put on the baby’s hips and spine, which aids in the development of the spine as your baby grows and fully develops.
  • It aids in the development of motor skills. When you’re wearing your baby, you’re giving her the freedom to move her arms and legs around, which is what helps her develop normally.

What I Like about Tula

There are a few things that make Tula stand out to me. For example, the designs are amazing. I was afraid that I might feel a little uncomfortable wearing my baby in public the first time. But, I loved being so close to my baby, plus the design was so cute, so I didn’t have any issues babywearing like I thought I might.

Here are some more of the things I like about Tula:

  • You can carry your baby in front or back (if your baby is big enough), whichever you find the most comfortable based on your current activity.
  • The design distributes the baby’s weight evenly so it doesn’t make me feel like her weight is tipping me over like it does when I’m holding her on my hip.
  • It doesn’t pull on my shoulders making them sore or strain my back, even when I use the carrier for long periods. This in itself is a great reason to choose Tula.
  • I love that my baby feels so secure. With some carriers and slings, it felt like she was slipping through the bottom, so I always worried about her falling out. Tula puts my mind at ease because I know she’s safe and secure, all snuggled up in her carrier.
  • The carriers are so lightweight. So, they don’t add extra pounds for you to lug around, making it even harder to take care of business. Have you ever tried to carry your baby around for any length of time in a regular carrier? They strain your back, arms, and legs if you wear your baby for a longer period of time.
  • They are extremely versatile so you can wear them almost anywhere with ease. This makes them a great choice when going on family outings to the park, zoo, a friend’s house, etc.
  • I love the feeling of closeness I get when using the carrier. You can nurse your baby while wearing a Tula carrier and no one will even notice. They’re designed with a hood to ensure privacy when feeding your child, but you may not even need it.
  • My baby can take a nap with no problem when she gets tired of exploring the big world around her. As a bonus, she doesn’t feel heavier when she’s sleeping like she does when I’m holding her asleep in my arms.

Cons of Tula Baby Carriers

While I love Tula, but there is one thing that I’m not so thrilled about. It’s a little annoying that it gets dirty so fast. That may be one reason why many parents buy more than one. It would allow them to switch off when one needs cleaning.

The upside is that you can wash your Tula on the delicate cycle in cold water. They also seem to hold up well in the wash but do not put it in the dryer. Allow your Tula carrier or wrap to air dry.

And for some, the cost may be too high, but I didn’t ever regret my Tula purchase, and I didn’t feel sticker shock after the fact either.

Are Tulas Worth It?

Now, it’s time to answer the big question. Are Tulas worth it? I was pleased with mine. I think the benefits outweigh the cons and they are versatile enough that you will get more use out of them. If you’re trying to decide for yourself, and you will be babywearing a lot, you can likely justify the cost.

But, if you’re only going to use it once or twice, you may want a cheaper option (try this Tula substitute). If you’re uncertain about spending that much on a baby carrier, you also have the option of borrowing one from a friend to try it out or looking for a low-cost preowned Tula that you can invest in. Then, you won’t be out of pocket all that cash if you don’t like it.

Even if you do buy one at full price and for some reason don’t like it, their popularity as a brand means you can likely sell it for as much (or more in some cases) than you spent on it anyway, so it’s a risk many parents are still willing to take.

Tula is a great product with many benefits for both parents and kids. It’s especially great for moms and dads trying to handle multiple kids at one time. Do you own a Tula? Let us know what you think of it in the comments!


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